Wienergate – Sometimes They Get Big, Sometimes They Don’t

If you find talk of male genitalia, or genitalia in general, this post is not for you. Read no further…

Oh the joys of raising boys. With all of this machismo in the house, I have a hard time deciding how to handle certain situations when it comes to the men in my life and their, ahem, “special equipment.” My son has just turned four, and while he has always been fond of his dongle, he has recently become kind of obsessed. It is alarming at times to watch him man-handle his man handle, because he pulls at that thing like he’s firing a sling shot. Don’t even get me started on the balls. Yes, he called them that when he exclaimed “look mommy, I have two balls in my butt!” By the way, everything in that general area is referred to, by him, as his butt. That is unless it is his unit, which he calls his wiener.

My son’s wee wee is a topic of conversation that comes up daily, at the very least. We continue to remind him that he should only play with his ding dong during private time in his bedroom. I gently but firmly tell him to stop humping the bed, as I am reading him a bedtime story. I am trying to instill a sense of privacy when it comes to his privates, without making him feel ashamed or embarrassed and I try to do all of this with a straight face while he yells “look how big it is mom!”

If you have boys, what do you do when this pops up (gratuitous pun)? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me. And as my four year old says “sometimes they get big, sometimes they don’t.”

Bonus points if you kept track of the various euphemisms used in this post for the word penis.


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I am a forty something mother, living in Northern California. Here I will be sharing my adventures, misadventures, frolics and foibles with food, friendships, family and trying to raise children in a secular/humanist environment. Posts will run the gamut as far as subjects go, and nothing is off limits. I hope you find my posts amusing, informative and somewhat insightful.

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  1. Have to say this post cracked me up! My boys are out of control with their “weenees and nards” seriously. I hear nards all the time. The other day they had to ice them because one of them hurt his nards so the other had to join in for sympathy! We handle it the same way as you, playing with parts in private…but, Hubby is naked all the time so the boys run around naked all the time – which gives them more opportunity to “play”. I don’t have any advice to share…just laughs!!!

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