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Things just ain’t the same in Reno unless you’re sh*tfaced

Picture by Skepclectic Mom: Slot Sluts

Picture by Skepclectic Mom: Slot Sluts

Recently the zombie and I headed to Reno for a little girls trip. One thing this mamma hasn’t given up is her need to have some time to herself, and time spent with her besties. We try and get away at least once a year and this time there were just four of us. With this group, Vegas is definitely a bigger draw. We still managed to have a really good time, which is no surprise. I mean Reno sober is still fun and all and I seem to be pretty consistent with making poor choices drunk or sober, but the lack of alcohol intake ups the guilt factor exponentially.

Among the general debauchery, we went to a comedy show at the Silver Legacy. I think this decision was made mainly because everybody felt sorry for me due to the fact that I could not drink. This was something we could all do to be entertained, that still served alcohol of course. The headliner was Rich Aronovich, and he had three people perform ahead of us in order to warm us up.

The first guy was great. He played the piano, guitar and fiddle and kept us relatively engaged, while everybody was coming in and getting settled. In response to something he said, one of my girlfriends, we’ll call her Boozeanne, shouted something out to him. He promptly says, “oh yea, there’s the group of hot chicks over there.” I nearly fell out of my chair. By no means do I think that we are hard on the eyes and to be fair one of my MILF girlfriends is pretty damn hot, but really?!? “The group of hot chicks?!” This is why Reno is so great!!! Comparatively, we WERE the group of hot chicks! If a slightly above average group of forty somethings in Reno can still be considered hot, I am all in!

The second guy made us all a little nervous. I think it may have been his first stand up attempt, so for that I applaud his efforts, but he was bad! If you find yourself in Reno at a comedy show and you see somebody approach the stage with a heavily waxed, old timey barber shop mustache, with a fear the beard sort of goatee thing hanging down, that is a good indication that it is time to use the restroom or leave.

The third guy was pretty funny, but I mostly felt bad because he was a self-deprecating fat guy. Most of his routine was about him and his fat girlfriend and their sex life. I have to admit the joke he made about her resembling a fighter pilot while wearing her sleep apnea mask during sex was hilarious. When he said “talk to me Goose!” I nearly spat my water clear across the table. Had he not referred to himself as a fat piece of sh*t, I might have enjoyed his set more, but joking or not, it makes me feel sad to hear people be so hard on themselves.

Rich came on and the show got significantly better. He was smart and funny and the best part is that half of the crowd probably didn’t understand half of his jokes. This was evident, because of the loud group next to us that decided it was time to have a loud conversation while he was performing. I don’t care whether or not you find this person funny, don’t be a total ass hat while somebody is up there trying to entertain you. Whatever you have to say isn’t nearly as hilarious as what he has to say, so shut the f*ck up! Anyhow, after the show Rich stopped by and hung out with us for a bit. We tried to fix him up with the only single girl in the group, but I think the 70s porn part of his act, which was probably my favorite part, was stuck in her mind and every time she looked at his hair she thought of vaginas. The rest of us would have tested his declaration of being “good in bed,” but our sweet friend was unable to see this opportunity as a good chance to have some fun with no strings attached. Sadly on the way home we had to ask her to turn in her lady parts due to misuse… Oh well, maybe next time.

Picture by Skepclectic Mom: Hangin' with Rich

Picture by Skepclectic Mom: Hangin’ with Rich