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A Secular Easter – Eggs for equality


My son turned 3 this past January and this year is the first year that coloring eggs has held any interest for him. Being that my husband and I are both atheists, you might think it is weird that we would even entertain the idea of following any of the rituals associated with a religious holiday. To that I say, why not? Does coloring eggs that are to be hidden by a make believe bunny, only to be found the next morning along with candy and other yummy delights teach my son to believe in something that is not real? Does it teach him to follow its doctrine without question or any critical thought? Ahem, well, I suppose it does… Temporarily. We try to keep things secular around here, but just can’t resist some of the rituals we group up with.

I justify these things by taking the position of promoting creativity and fueling that creativity with some fantasy. I personally love fantasy. I’ll take a heaping spoonful of Star Wars, with a side of Harry Potter and a light sprinkling of Twilight any day!  I believe that being able to enjoy fantasy is one of the amazing perks of having these big beautiful brains of ours. Another perk is having the ability to separate fantasy from reality. This is a perk that very few of us enjoy when it comes to religion. Many people cherry pick what works for them and toss out the rest, but many people also stick rigidly to ideals that were doled out centuries ago by people who believed the world was flat among other ridiculous notions.

One of these notions currently making headlines across the United States and the world is marriage equality. I truly believe that this should be a non-issue. All human beings deserve to be treated equally in every way, unless you are a criminal and even they are allowed to marry! These protest signs pretty much sum up my feelings on the matter

So in support of marriage equality, and equality everywhere I give you “Eggs for Equality.” These were lovingly dyed by my 3 year old, who I am trying to raise as a humanist. These eggs are a symbol of my hope to succeed in this endeavor. These eggs are also a symbol of my support to the LGBTQ community. I hope that before I die, I see the world turn a corner on these issues. Lastly these eggs are a symbol of what we will be eating over the next few weeks. Beet pickled eggs, come to mamma!